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I love painting portraits of family members, loved ones, or interesting people out and about. In a face, one can gather so much (pain, excitement, sorrow, hope). I love to capture those moments and emotions in my portrait work.


There's nothing better than enjoying a beautiful landscape. Why not take that scene with you? I've been painting natural landscapes and the beauty of nature since 1973. My specialities include rivers, mountains, and the many lakes of Minneapolis.


No matter where I am, I paint the world around me. I specialize in painting both rural and urban scenes. Whether you'd like to relive your childhood house in a painting or you'd like to see the skyline of Minneapolis from your suburban home, I've got you covered.

Custom paintings available upon request, pricing varies depending on complexity. If, within my portfolio, you see a work you love, contact me to inquire about pricing.


about me.

I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I studied drawing and oil painting  through Carlo Sdoya, School of Art in Johannesburg and entered into UNISA (University of South Africa) Fine Arts program. It was during the worst times of the Apartheid years (1970+), and there were many protests, police brutality and fear all around. 


Many of the paintings during those times were portraits of the injustice and sadness I observed, but many more were of the beautiful landscapes of South Africa. A few of the paintings are from that period - a Xhosa mother and baby and Xhosa mother with her son looking out not sure of the future he might have. 


Our family immigrated to the USA in 1984, my painting was put on hold while raising three kids and working as a graphic designer.  After retirement, I delved back into fine arts and was inspired to return to painting seriously again.  


My present style is impressionist light and bright - a view on how beautiful and peaceful my adopted home, the State of Minnesota is.



To learn more, request services, or purchase artwork feel free to connect!

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